Tonnellerie D'Aquitaine

Tonnellerie D'Aquitaine
Handcrafted Traditional Fire Bent Barrels
from Single Forest Origins

This exclusive boutique cooperage has been the supplier to Bordeaux First Growth Chateaux since 1860. Tonnellerie D'Aquitaine started in Bellebat near Bordeaux. Today Tonnellerie D'Aquitaine barrels are handcrafted by "Companions" Master-Coopers at our cooperage facility at Cazouls-Les-Beziers in the Languedoc-Roussillon.

This family owned boutique cooperage offers classic elegant quality craftsmanship with a strong innovative approach to match your winemaking challenges.

Tonnellerie D'Aquitaine barrels are known for their elegant characteristics. As a result of the long air seasoning and the slow toasting, Tonnellerie D'Aquitaine barrels are very delicate, and respectful of the fruit characteristics of the wine. Oak flavors are well integrated into the wine, thus enhancing the finish.

Our custom production allows best performances on either red or white wines. By selecting Tonnellerie D'Aquitaine barrels, the winemaker will offer to his wine the best barrel selection possible.

Discover our wide selection of Old Growth French Oak from single forest origins.

Enquire about our NEW 'WM' burgundy toast profile.

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The oaks selected by the Tonnellerie D'Aquitaine originate from the most beautiful forests of France, famous for their fine grain wood, sourced from the auctions of the 'Office National des Forests' (ONF). The wood is then split in the direction of the fibre to provide cask impermeability. After having been stored in the open air, dried by the sun and wind, and watered by rain for many months, the wood can then be worked. This buying principle ensures the traceability and origin of the wood staves as each lot carries its own ID number. The staves are split and open-air seasoned from 24 up to 36 months.


Heating and assembly are carried out according to ancient techniques known only by our master coopers. Since 1860, several generations of journeymen have succeeded one another at the Tonnellerie D'Aquitaine, transmitting know-how which is still valid today. This experience makes it possible to treat each order individually, and thus adapt heating to the wine's style, type and desired aromas. The choice of wood, its drying, and its heating create the cask's "soul". When these three elements are in harmony, the desired result is obtained; the union of wine and wood. Permanent manufacturing process follow-up and the placement of our brand on the cask signify that we have reached our objective; optimum quality.

Barrel Specifications

French Oak
Barrel Type
Chateau ferre
Hogshead Puncheon
Capacity (Lt) 225L 225L 225L 228L 300L 500L
Stave Thickness 27mm 22mm 22mm 27mm 27mm 27mm
ø at the Head (cm) 56 56 57 59 60 77
ø at the Bilge (cm) 68 68 69 71 75 93
Length (cm) 95 95 95 88 102 110
ø Bung (mm) 50 50 50 50 50 50
Galvanised Hoops 6 8 8 or 10 8 8 8
Weight (kg) 50 45 45 50 60 80

Barrel Characteristics

Each barrel is coded according to:
  1. The wood origin: region, forest, lot
  2. Barrel production date, and
  3. Customer order

Wood Origin - French Oak
(*) denotes Limited allocation

Region Departement Single Forests Origins
Center France Allier Tronçais(*), Grosbois, Civrais, Dreuille
Center France Nievre Nevers, Bertranges(*)
Crown of Paris Ile de France Fontainebleau, Compiegne
West France Orne Belleme
West France Sarthe Jupille(*), Berce
East France Vosges Ste Helene, Darnay


  • Grain: Fine / Tight / Very tight grain
  • Seasoning: 24 to 36 months Open air-dried French Oak


  • House Style: Light / Medium / Medium Plus / Heavy
  • Burgundy Style: WM / WM+
  • Toasted Heads or not

Packaging: Barrel Packaging and Labels

  • Individual stretch wrap
  • Customer identification on each barrel (label)
  • Wine program identification on each barrel (label)

French Oak Forest Origins

Click here for a detailed map

Allier & Tronçais

A poor soil (silica and clay) combined with mature forest management (trees planted with close spacing), produces trees of small diameter with growth rings showing a small proportion of summer wood. Grain is generally fine and its porosity brings supple tannins to the wine. Tonnellerie D’Aquitaine provides a limited quantity of Tronçais oak barrels every year. Recommended for elegant intense and complex wines aged from 15 to 24 months (Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Shiraz and Syrah).

Nevers & Bertranges

Rich and wet soil produces trees of bigger diameter with an annual growth ring showing a bigger proportion of summer wood. The grain is medium-tight and brings usually to the wine more spicy and structured flavors. Recommended for barrel fermented Sauvignon Blanc or Semillon S/Blanc blends and for medium body reds aged from 12 to 18 months (Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cab/Franc).


This forest appellation encompasses several areas in the North-East of France: Vosges, Bourgogne, Argonne, Ardennes, Haute-Saône and Yonne. This wood generally releases more tannic flavors and is grown at higher elevation which results in a distinctive intense character. Ideal to build structure into a wine aged from 9 to 16 months (Syrah, Grenache).

West of France & Jupille

Located at the edge of the Loire Valley, this forest offers good potential for white wine ageing with an elegant, floral and subtle aromatic profile. Recommended for white wines aged from 8 to 12 months (Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Viognier) or for lighter body reds (Sangiovese, Syrah, Merlot).

Ordering French Oak Barrels

All barrels are "Made To Order" in France upon receipt of your order

Therefore due to the limited capacities of our coopers, we encourage wineries to place their order early, ideally from September to November each year for delivery before harvest. Wineries should estimate around 4/5 weeks lead time for manufacture and another 8 weeks to cover shipping from France and deliveries to Australia/New Zealand wineries. Please also note that some of our forests origins (*) are allocated in limited quantities.

Please Note

We do keep a small inventory of barrels in stock in our warehouse in Adelaide South Australia to assist wineries with off-season requirements for extra new barrels. Please give us a call first to find out what is available.

The best ways to order

Winemakers can place their orders by faxing their signed Purchase Order, or Email scanned copy of signed Purchase Order. Feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to give you any information or advice you may need.

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